Songs of Life Ministries

Joan Grabowski


God has gifted me with a singular purpose in my life:  to sing and minister for His glory.  It is my hope that you will poke around on my site -- to your heart's content.  Then let's talk about know how I can help you on this journey home that we are traveling. 

Welcome, and blessings to you and yours!

Note:  Website is still under construction @ 10.24.13


Take Lord. Receive

with In Our Midst (2013)

Two or More: In the Studio (1993)
With guitarist Bob Sandford and bassist James Baird

Lifechoices (voice and piano)
with pianist Ginny Butschek

Songs of Life Ministries © 2013

Services Offered

  • Vocal Soloist

  • Cantor 

  • Workshop Presenter

  • Eucharistic Adoration service

  • Retreats: liturgical ministry, catechetics, spirituality, recovery

  • Concerts with "In Our Midst"

Available for purchase

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